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Growth opportunities raise new business questions


Unexpected change challenges horizons.

Vision and determination is not enough to get you there.

You need to navigate new complexities with clarity …

to hard wire success into your business future.

And that requires expertise …

A special range of skills and abilities …

A skill set and mindset rich in powerful strategic thinking …

Deep in experience at the coalface of business growth and transformation across multiple industries.

So you can take the journey forward, efficiently and effectively, for lasting growth.

For that, we’ve got you covered.

Strategic Bridges
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How we help you go further

Structuring Growth

Discover real opportunities and structure your growth journey for lasting success.

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Developing Leadership

Develop the mindset and unique skills to lead teams for optimal growth performance.

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Forging Governance

Identify new governance needs and acquire the right talents to take your business further.

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Expert Management Consulting & Advisory

For Focused Business Leaders

The Global Cosmopolitan Approach

Growing & Transforming Businesses

in Europe and Emerging Markets In Africa


3 senior executives on 4 are aiming to be more and better supported (Source, BPI France)


Near two-third of the senior executives of small businesses declare that they are affected by stress (Source, TNS Sofres)


4 on 10 this is the part of small businesses that they meet the challenge of growth successfully (Source, BDC)

  • 7 on 10 (on a 1 to 10 scale) this is the rate for the place of growth for the Canadian small businesses (Source, BDC) 70%
  • Growth is a huge resources consumer: 64% of growing small businesses senior executives declare that the biggest challenge to meet is the increase of operational costs. (Source, BDC) 64%
Slyvie Dalode, Founder of Strategic Bridges, Management Consulting & Leadership Development

About Strategic Bridges

Strategic Bridges is a boutique consulting firm specializing in business growth and transformation. We are all about taking you and your organization to the next level for a more profitable future.

Our expertise is tailored for change-makers and cutting-edge leaders who’re looking for new ways to move their business forward, to engineer the future. Seize new growth opportunities now.

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Strategic Bridges inspires and equips leaders to bridge their visions and deliver managed transitions and growth.

At Strategic Bridges we accompany senior executives, investors, entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders as they develop and mature their ventures.

Projects are diverse across multiple industries and verticals, with a particular focus on ventures in Europe and the emerging markets of Africa.







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