The Strategic
Growth Program

The Strategic Growth Program offers you the opportunity to become strategic about your business  growth.  Benefit from specific resources dedicated to entrepreneurs and founders.

Forewarned is Forearmed. The Strategic Growth Program will equip you with key and precious insights and tools.

The Strategic Growth Program - 6 Months

Be Strategic about your growth.
The Strategic Growth program equips you with powerful insights into how to master the inner game and the outer game of business growth and scaling up.

The program includes

  • Live online webinars with Sylvie Dalode
  • A group of peers
  • A dedicated learning platform
  • Facebook private community

You will get

  • 6 Key scale up rules
  • 6 Strategic Moves
  • 6 Strategic Moments – Ask your questions
  • 6 Strategic Eye Openers – Counter intuitive phenomenons you want to know – pre recorded

You will

  • Avoid costly mistakes.
  • Benefit from a group of peers
  • Work on the foundations, building blocks, and sustaining pillars of your business growth
  • Share tips

Who Is It For ?

The Strategic Growth Program is intented to business leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Strategic Tools To Simplify Complexity and Execute Growth

  • Strategic Moves
    6 strategic moves
    1 concept – 1 tool – 1 habit – 1 key benefit
  • Strategic Space
    Your timespace
    Your physical space
    Your psychological space
  • Strategic Expansion
    The pattern of going in and out of one’s comfort zone:
  • Strategic Resources
    Resources and Resourcefulness
    Partnership – Cooperation – Collaboration
    Leveraging resources from one level to another
    Renewing and nurturing
  • Strategic Impacts
    Make a difference one strategic impact at a time
  • Strategic Players
    Global game changers
    e shape our world

Sylvie Dalode

Your Business Growth Advisor

A keynote speaker, Sylvie inspires and informs innovative businesses on the international front through management consulting, leadership workshops and training programs. Find out more about Sylvie’s personal background on her full profile.

What They Say About Sylvie Dalode

“First of all, Sylvie, our Business Growth Advisor, is a very friendly and good-natured woman. Always word to laugh and relax. Behind all this, hides a great psychologist / sociologist, able to decipher in a single phrase what we exactly meant.
And to add to that, her great business accumen and business management. Actually, it would be great to have someone like her on a daily basis, to help us say out loud what we would not acknowledge otherwise: like identifying key issues, like structuring business management. Her work and advisory allowed me to sort out many fundamental issues related to my venture’s growth. It is powerful and of real worth.”

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